The Lost Ways Book Review – Is It A Scam?

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Best Survival FoodImagine a life without hyper-connectivity with other parts of the world. Imagine a life without electricity, phone and without supermarkets that cater one’s every need. What is the better way to prepare for something that can’t be predicted?

The Lost Ways book is designed to reconstruct the lost skills and knowledge that our forefathers used to not only survive but thrive as well.

We are living in the era where humankind has made a lot of discoveries and greatly enhanced its quality. However, in this progress humankind has lost his connection to nature. Most of us are highly dependent on technological infrastructure and Government agencies.

Today, we are going to review The Lost Ways eBook by Claude Davis in which we will define how you can become self-dependent to survive any catastrophe by using skills and knowledge that our forefather used many decades ago. We will try our best to provide as much information as we know about this survival book.

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About The Author (Claude Davis):

As you probably know, The Lost Ways survival guide is created by Claude Davis who is the owner of and have 15 years of survivalist experience. He knows how dangerous it is to depend on Government and rescue agencies at the time of any catastrophe.

Claude Davis photoAccording to Claude, his grandparents were the lucky ones who successfully escape from one of the worst Governmental prediction Ukraine known as ‘Holodomor‘ (which translated into ‘to kill by starvation’) which killed millions of people in Ukraine.

Even in this highly civilized society, the worst thing one can do is take things for granted. Dangers can come at anytime and at anywhere doesn’t matter if it is geopolitical, environmental or societal.

After getting troubled by disconnecting society and lack of survival skills in 21st Century, Claude decided to create an easy-to-understand and insightful resources that will help people to get back on their feet whenever there is any danger. After talking with many survival experts, he put together a wide variety of survival skills and technique.

Claude Davis released digital version and physical version of The Lost Ways guide so people can read them on their Smartphone, Tablet, Computer or they can get help from the physical book at the time when there is a severe power outage.

What Is In The Lost Ways Book?

Most of the time, when one hears about survival book he gets skeptical if there is any visible, useful and practical information available to help them survive in case of major catastrophe. Therefore, the biggest question of this review is what is in The Lost Ways book? Many may not know, The Lost Way survival book is a350-page guide that contains different survival skills and techniques. Each chapter provides certain survival skill and knowledge that help you to take care of your family. These techniques include:

The Lost Ways BookHousing – In this chapter, Claude mentioned technique about how to build a large underground house that can accommodate up to 4 families. This survival technique can come handy at the time of war or humanmade attack.

Water – This chapter contains information about one of the fundamental needs of life that can quickly become scared during the war, drought, or other environmental catastrophes. Claude shared his technique about how to collect, purify and preserve water with minimum equipment.

Food – This chapter deals about how to create a nutritious meal with the ingredients rich in vital nutrients and can be stored for years without a refrigerator and still provide sufficient nutrition.

Bullets – This chapter contains a good illustration about a group of people who realize they ran out of the bullets at the last moment. Claude provided a technique to preserve bullets and what to do in case if you don’t have bullets.

Traps – Very few survivalists have great skills about setting up traps. In fact, traps are one of the survival skills that come handy when there is a shortage of food. Claude provided a step-by-step instruction on how to set up traps to catch deer, fish and other wild animals for food.

Cooking – This chapter contains information about how to make smoke-houses to smoke animal, fish and other animals. Additionally, you will learn how to prepare your bread with only few equipment.

Poultices/Medicines – This chapter contains a list of powerful herbs and plants that can combine to make a paste which helps in healing diseases.

How Can The Lost Ways eBook Help You?

The Lost Ways is not another survival book that contains some useless and ineffective survival technique. Instead, this book is full of survival techniques that our ancestors used in the past not just to survive but also to thrive as well. It is because of them we are here, and we all know they are much healthy than us.

Here is how The Lost Ways author can help you:

survive an earthquake

Drink Clean Water And Make Tasty Food:It is difficult for one to live without food and water during an emergency if he doesn’t know how to purify water and prepare food with little ingredients. Claude provided complete information about how to drink and eat as our ancestors used to do when there is no electricity and store to buy food.

Create A Comfortable Living: With the proven techniques provided by Claude, you will find out methods on how to make your house a fortress of yours and your loved one. This technique includes creating an underground hidden living space that can protect you from enemies during war.

Preserve Foods: Just a few years back, there was no fridge or cooling unit to store food,but still, people used to store foods for many years using techniques they learned from their grandfathers. Thankfully, Claude has highlighted this technique and teaches you how you can do the same and store your food for many years using underground storage house.

Stay Healthy Without Doctors:Medicines can treat almost any disease but what will happen if there is no store to get them? Thankfully, Mother Nature has a lot of powerful herbs and plants that can treat many diseases. You will get the list of these powerful herbs and plants to make a powerful healing paste.

Exclusive Bonuses If You Order Now:

Many reviewers are offering fake copies of The Lost Ways guide. It is important to don’t fall into their trap and order Lost ways guide from the official website. When you purchase this guide from its official website, you will get three valuable bonuses without any additional charge.

These bonuses include:

The Lost Ways Bonuses

Bonus #1 – What Every Survivalist Should Grow In His Backyard:

This short report contains a list of plants and herbs that you should be growing in your backyard garden to avoid running out of food.

These nutritious and healthy plants are reliable and survive in worst possible conditions like flooding, drought and so on.

Bonus #2 – How To Outlive An EMP The Early Pioneer Way:

In this day-to-day guide, you will learn what to do to survive after an EMP attack for 30 days. This guide contains top 10 things to do on the first day of an EMP attack, how to make most of the day 2 and so on.

This guide will make sure you remain 100% protected and also help others if you want. By using this guide, you will never run out of the heat, food, and water during an EMP attack.

Bonus #3 – Step-by-Step Guide To Building Your Own Can Rotation System:

If it is difficult for you to keep track of your food expiring dates, then you need Can Rotation System in your home. With this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to create your can rotation system in just one day.

This Can Rotation System saves a great amount of money and time as well.

The Final Verdict:

The Lost Ways survival book is jam-packed with the techniques that our great-grandfathers used to live at times when there were no modern facilities. If you want to become self-sufficient and prepare yourself for upcoming disaster, then this book can provide you practical knowledge and survival skills you can master and protect yourself and your loved ones.

The Lost Ways PDF comes with 60 days money back guarantee that you can use in case if you are not happy with the information provided in this PDF. All you have to do is send a refund request, and within 24 hours you will get your money back. You even don’t have to answer any question. Now it is up to you to decide if you want to try it or not. You simply have nothing to lose in trying this out.

Stay Safe, Stay Blessed!!

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